Founded in 1958, Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is previously named as Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and its predecessor is Liaoning school for advanced studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In August 1958, under the authorization of Liaoning Provincial Government, Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese Medicine was established, based on Hospital of Liaoning Province and Liaoning school for advanced studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which turned a new page of higher education in TCM in Liaoning province. During the 7th five-year-plan, the university was established as one of the most focused institutions of TCM constructed by Ministry of Health.

In 1997 and 2000 respectively, Liaoning Research Institute of TCM, LiaoningStaffMedicalSchool and Liaoning Research School of Basic Medicine were combined into Liaoning College of TCM sequentially by Liaoning Provincial Government. Maintaining its own original name, Liaoning Research Institute of TCM, at the same time, became The Second Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning College of TCM.

In Jul. 2003, the university regulated its leadership team and put forward new concept of “To Strive for the Strongest Rather Than the Largest”,insisted on teaching-centered and implemented the strategy of “To Stand Based on the Key Disciplines, to Invigorate Depending on the Talents and to Develop Relying on Scientific & Technological Research”. The construction and development of the university entered an unprecedented historical period.

In the spring of 2004, the leaders launched a heat discussion about Scientific Concept of Development within the campus which brought deep effects. More than 1000 “essential ideas” are collected according to this activity. And based on the discussion ,the leaders raised three affairs of strategical meaning: The university renamed as Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; The undergraduate teaching level was assessed as admirable by State Education Ministry; Building a modern campus with industry、teaching and research into integration in Dalian. The splendid goal ignited the enthusiasm of the whole faculty in seeking great development.

On Feb.14th, 2006, under the authorization of Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China, the university was formally renamed as Liaoninguniversity of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The whole campus enjoyed the glad tidings, because it is the dream come true through several generations’ strives.

On Aug. 28th 2006, the university built the modern campus which is located in Hi-tech Development District of double D port in Dalian though 210 days’ struggle. The campus combines traditional medicine training, international education as well as the research and development of Chinese pharmacy in the whole.

In Sep. 2006, the university successfully went through the inspection and assessment on the teaching and received favorable comments from Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China in the process of Undergraduate Teaching Level Assessment. The undergraduate teaching level assessment team spoke highly of leadership as “ To Unite and Advance,To Develop and Innovate, To Struggle and Strive, To Make Great Efforts to Build Strong Country”.

In Apr. 2007, LNUTCM was awarded as AdvancedUniversity in Undergraduate Teaching Level Assessment. Meanwhile, the university realized new breakthrough in the construction of national key disciplines and successfully registered post-doctoral research programs in Integration of TCM and Western Medicine and Chinese Pharmacy.